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It is my sincere intention to transparently share my personal journey of accountability, discernments and sovereign bio-regenesis to impeccably re-embody the Law of One.

(This site is a work in progress)

COMMUNICATION: recordings to articulate details of my journey and personal healing milestones

COMMUNITY: examples of reverent participation in the mission

INTEGRITY: focus and research to demonstrate sincerity

My training and profession are in software engineering. So information regarding my own self-healing shared on this site is subjective to my own experience and therefore must be regarded as theoretical for anyone else. Nothing on this site is presented or should be construed as a substitute for medical advice or treatment of any mental, emotional, physical or any type of condition or ailment.

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I made recordings for some of the milestones along my bio-regenesis journey. Recordings are organized with the newest ones on top.

Please note that each recording represents the BPR and perspective I held at the time the recording was made. So, for a progressive understanding of my journey consider listening to the oldest recording first.

Timeline details


Universal history and the assimilation agenda.

(coming soon)

Progression of the three council petitions

(Aug 2016)

Explanation of the progression of Council petitions from 2014 - 2016.

(coming soon)

Personal bio-regenesis choices

(Nov 2015)

Explanation of my personalized approach to my own bio-regenesis.

Healing perspectives

Second council petition

(Aug 2015)

Explanation and reading of Council Petition made during Hethalon 2015.

(coming soon)

Personal narrative

(Dec 2014)

Initially planned as the only recording that was to be shared online, this set gives more details of my personal story and my journey home.

Personal introduction

Self healing & twin

Concluding comments


Discernments, accountability & transparency

(Sept 2014)

A reading of an email describing discernments and requesting transparency.

Discernment details

Accountability and the first council petition

(Aug 2014)

Overview of an appeal I made in Council and related details.

First petition explanation

First, a note about copyrights regarding materials posted on this site


Information in this section will include details about my participation in and support of the mission


Information posted in this section will include excerpts and research links to relevant materials